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Indulge In Traditional French Chocolate With J. Kumari Chocolate

As a chocolate studio built on the tradition of technique and the exploration of beauty, it's only natural they would enlist a great agency like Ultra Creative to create works of art to wrap each chocolate bar.

Taking cues from the natural world’s transformative powers, the rich matte packaging has details of leaf textures and complex crystal formations in shimmering copper. It allows the logo’s glossy black body to shine and provides a backdrop to the contrasting splashy pattern work which is also reflected in the painted artistry of the finished chocolate bon bons.

The resulting presentation feels mysterious, strong, and high-end, reflecting the precision of the craft and artistry of the creations.

Casha Doemland

LA-born, Georgia-bred and one-half of a set of identical twins, Casha spends her days writing, exploring and climbing. She's a classic film enthusiast, lover of poetry, world traveler and collector of quotes and tattoos.

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